> Winter Recollections - Mike Sanderson

Did you ever reach Blea Moor on the Fellsman when the sole of one of your brand new Reeboks came adrift, and having found some baler twine at Stonehouse, bound sole to upper and managed to complete the course?

Did you ever draw the long straw after Jura and get the clean hot bath water first courtesy of Ed Watson?

Did you ever pitch camp in a hollow before taking part in the Wasdale the following day, and have to move to higher ground at 2.30 am when water cascaded through your tent?

Did you ever pull rank on John Humble after the Spadeadam half marathon and direct him to the other ranks toilet when he being an officer and a gentleman should have gone to the officer's and NCO's?

Did you ever find yourself going like hell down Dovedale, trying to catch your partner after having become detached on the Lake District Karrimor, only to discover he was behind you all the time?

Did you ever volunteer to get water when both of you were knackered at midway camp on the Strathyre Karrimor and having found a stream in the gathering gloom turned round to face a sea of unrecognizable tents? A cry of 'John' brought a hundred Johns to the doorway of their tents!!(Editor's note - So that was you?)

Did you ever do the Borrowdale in under 3 hours? - no, neither did I!

Mike Sanderson

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