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Around the Chevy Chase with Slow-Worm

A sunny Saturday with the prospect of rising temperatures tempted Slow-worm to an early morning shuffle around part of the Chevy Chase route.  Parking at 8 15 am in the Harthope valley, SW was in splendid isolation as he meandered up the Carey Burn.  Here he disturbed a buzzard that soared off above Hellpath. 

On the climb to Broadstruther, he passed a fellow slow-worm who was basking in the morning sunshine.  The recent good weather had reduced the Cheviot peat bogs to a shadow of their former selves, and so SW was soon making good progress along the ridge to Northumberland’s high point with only the odd wheatear for company.

The descent from Cheviot was glorious as usual, with just the lambs about.  By now a breeze was getting up, and this made for more pleasant running and dispersed the heat haze.  The skylarks were in full voice on Hedgehope’s summit, and SW took a moment to recover his breath and enjoy the view.

After slithering down the steep descent, SW reacquainted himself with the narrow trods that lead to Langlee Crags.  A curlew was the lone sentinel there, and sent SW on his way to Brands Corner with a plaintive cry.  After picking up the Middleton footpath, SW was making his final descent when he disturbed a heron from the burn.  As he stood, he noticed a sudden flurry of red in the trees above the path: a red squirrel scampered around the branches above his head.

So ended a pleasant 3 hour jog around the Cheviot Hills with only nature for company.  You should give it a try.  After all, you might just meet…Slow-worm.

Slow Worm


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