> Will's Summer Runs 2010: Bewick Moor

Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the clash with the Blaydon race, but only two people turned up the Bewick Moor run last night - me and Scott (plus Casper). We had a lucky window in the weather and did not experience any rain. A short scramble up Hepburn crag, then a nice run across to Ros Castle old fort. A fast but at times tricky run around Ros Hill woods, through the woods, out on to Bewick Moor proper. Through Harehope farm, a nice long climb with Stock Brook on our left and the beautiful Corbie Clough on our right. Then we encountered some seriously deep heather at Blawearie and beyond. Poor little Casper was getting very tired at this point so we tried to take a short cut into Hepburn woods. Alas, there was no way through and it was back to Hepburn crags and a fast descent into the car park. 12 miles over rough ground in about 2 hours. We didn't see another soul out there.


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