> thoughts for the New Year

Dear fellow runners,

How about a thought for the New Year. Have you ever considered organising a fell run? They are fairly easy to do & any amount of support is available.
It is obvious huge amounts of enjoyment is had by those participating & the vast majority appreciate the efforts of the organisers. However there are only a few of us e.g. Paul Appleby, Keith Cooper, myself, etc, etc,.

I am always a bit mystified when organising local races when only a few loyal runners turn up. It is especially disappointing when I read of the excellent exploits of NFR runners participating in runs hundreds of miles away. I am not sure of the number of members in the NFR but when for example organising the Powburn Show (a free race) only about 12 turn up. Without these local & traditional Northumberland races we are unlikely to attract future members.

We have vast amounts of potential routes & venues that would make excellent races. So how about it? Make your New Year's resolution and create or assist in a NEW NORTHUMBERLAND RACE.

Happy New Year!! and make 2012 the year you complete every race in Northumberland!

Cheers, I'm off to the pub.

Glen Mcwilliams

01668 282059

organiser Cheviot Summit, Powburn Show, and a number of fun runs in and about Wooler.

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