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The 2012 NECAA & NEHRA championships had a familiar ring to them with Phil Sanderson taking gold in the mens competition for the fourth straight year, a new record number of wins and one which will surely take some beating. The evergreen Karen Robertson once again showed her class and took another gold in the women's competition - taking her total number of wins beyond the record books. Both also took gold in their respective V40 competitions. Once again a number of new names appeared in the results which would appear to have the potential to really challenge the overall standings and some names which have regularly featured also appear to be posing a serious challenge to the encumbents.

Phil was pushed close this year by a few other runners, particularly Lee Bennett who made a very strong showing overall. Indeed, Phil left it until the final race of the seven-race series to make sure the title was his again although he did this in some style finishing well up in a field in which the English championship was also settled. Karen had already sealed her win before the last race of the season but that did not stop her from demonstrating her dominance and taking a sixth place overall in the English and North East Championships closing race which was Kielder Blast.

In the MV50 competition a strong set of early results was enough to see Lawrence Johnson keep his place at the top of the table for his first gold medal. Similarly, Peter Reed held top spot in the MV60 for most of the season and duly came out on top again. In the FV50 competition a new name appeared, Marie Drozdowicz, but it is surely one we will become familiar with as she took gold in her first full season of fell running with maximum points after the first four races. Unfortunately we did not have a single FV60 scoring this year.

Thank you to all the race organisers and competitors - look out for details of the 2013 Championships early next year and put the dates in your calendar as soon as you can!

Many thanks

Keith Cooper and Will Horsley

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