> Bye for now - from Jamie Wilkinson

Hi All,

I think most know by now I'm moving to Perth next week (Australia, not Scotland!) so just wanted to post a note saying cheerio to everyone. Other than my mum and (possibly) my brother, it is without a shadow of a doubt, that the thing I'll miss the most is the scenery and running offered in this part of the country.

But those running experiences wouldnt have been anywhere like the same without all the fantastic people from NFR I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know over the past few years.

I'll certainly be keeping up to date with all the happenings through the fantastic club website, and have already been looking at what's on offer in the way of off-road running across there, so will definitely be packing my NFR vest!

So thanks again to everyone who has helped contribute to some of the best and most memorable days out I've had of recent years, experiences I'll find hard to match.

If anyone ever finds themselves in Perth then dont hesitate to get in touch.

Bye for now!


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