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photo: John Duff

Well done to Geoff Davis and Peter Whewell who both identified that the 2 NFRs were standing on Sail with Crag Hill in the background. The Coledale Horseshoe and Buttermere Sailbeck races go over these fells. The 2 NFRs were Paul Hainsworth and John Telfer, both hardened fellrunners. But even they might have been daunted by the old Buttermere Races as Peter Whewell writes:

"The Buttermere Sailbeck is so called to distinguish it from the original Buttermere Fell Race which I raced a couple of times 30 years ago. The original Buttermere Race began at Honister and went over High Spy and Maiden Moor, then over to Causey Pike and Eel Crag. There was then a traverse to Wandope and straight over the side of Wandope (very steep) to Newlands Hause, then up to Robinson and Dale Head (missing out Hindscarth) back to Honister. It was almost the equivalent of the Anniverary Waltz plus Buttermere Sailbeck combined.

I also ran another Buttermere race a few years later which started at the community centre at Kirkstile. It went up to Coledale Hause and up to Hopegill Head; from there we traversed to Grasmoor then round to Wandope and again over the side of Wandope to Newlands Hause. Then up to Robinson and along to Dale Head and down to Honister Hause. We then went up to Green Gable and down to Haystacks and Scarth Gap. Then up and along the ridge High Crag, High Stile, Red Pike and down Scale Beck. Finally one last effort up Mellbreak and back down to Kirkstile. There were only about fifty of us running and I spent most of the time on my own, though I wasn’t last. I think it took me about 7 hours. I was met by my wife asking where the hell I had been for so long! As far as I know the race was only held once... not surprisingly given its difficulty."

Both Geoff and Peter can claim a drink at next week's dinner.


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