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12/08/07 The 12th Forest Burn Fell Race - from Will Horsley

up the bank from the first stream crossing (photo: Rob Stephens)
up the bank from the first stream crossing (photo: Rob Stephens)

Race Organiser's Report

A record turn out of sixty-six runners, including some from Northern Ireland, Coventry, and Wiltshire, lined up on the edge of the showground for the 12th running of the Forest Burn Fell Race (29 were from NFR). Several runners had duplicate numbers, and many more had last minute improvisations (click me) which fortunately, with the aid of Rob & Pat’s photos, just about did the job. Tom Green was plucked from the crowd and set the runners off. Jones set a fast pace with Horsley, P Vincent and Maynard in pursuit. Jones led over the first stream crossing but began to lose ground on the climb out of the stream. By the time the group had turned to ascend Wards Hill, Jones was in their sights and had been overtaken by the summit. Horsley took the mantle and led down the other side of Wards Hill and around the fields with Vincent close behind. Almost at the summit of Wards Hill, Maynard came storming through to leave Horsley and Vincent stunned. Maynard then led during the second descent of Wards Hill, the run through the trees, and the second stream crossing with Horsley and Vincent close behind. However Maynard faltered on the steep ascent from the Forest Burn and Horsley seized the opportunity. By the time Maynard had got his breath back Horsley was too far in front and won in 22m51s, still 2 minutes off the course record. Maynard and Vincent were less than 20 seconds back. In the women's race (of which there were 9 contenders, including two U18’s) R Vincent led from start to finish and was half a minute clear of her closest rival, Robertson, in 25m36s. However Robertson can take satisfaction in knowing that her course record (set in 1999) is safe for another year with Vincent finishing over two minutes adrift. All finishers received a prize, except for Wasim who fell asleep near the stream and returned nearly 2 hours after the start. With neither course record being broken, the whisky will have another year to age – but now the challenge is on to beat the race organiser!

Thanks to Jo, Frankie, Monica, Hillary, James, Greg, and the 2nd Rothbury Scouts.


Will Horsley

Will tries to calm the excited runners down - photo: Rob they're off ... all over the place - photo: Rob single file up Wards Hill - photo: Rob Will Horsley nears the top of Wards Hill - photo: Bill Tomlinson
feeling the burn! - photo: Bill Tomlinson Rachael Vincent leads the women from start to finish - photo: Bill Tomlinson photo'd from the front and back! - photo: Bill Tomlinson feeling the burn here too! - photo: Bill Tomlinson
... and it's back down again - photo: Rob ... ducking under the branches - photo: Pat ... a little slippy here - photo: Pat well deserved beers all round - photo: Rob

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