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17/03/07 1st Dufton High Cup Nick Fell Race - from Rob Stephens

Spectacular scenery set the backdrop for a great day out at High Cup Nick. The organisers (one being Morgan Donnelly, formerly NFR) along with the people of Dufton village laid on a great race which is sure to become popular.

For a few of us, the race would have been a little better had we not made the decision to climb up the steep-sided west-facing flank of High Cup Gill instead of staying on the valley floor. A few other followers, who realised the folly of this move early on, dropped back to the valley and rejoined the main thread of runners whilst one or two of us explorers persevered in order to marvel close-hand at The Great Whin Sill escarpment - I doubt we'll do that again!

Dave Forster and John Duff - photo: Pat
Dave Forster (in his element) and John Duff get to grips with the task ahead
Rob Stephens and Phil James - photo: Pat
Rob Stephens and Phil James (top left, distance) took the geologists tour route
David Coxon - photo: Pat
David Coxon admires the escarpment on the way back
Keith and Pat Cooper - photo: Pat
Keith and Pat Cooper on the rocky path back to Dufton
all photos above courtesy of Pat Dunn

1st High Cup Nick Fell Race results

Rob Stephens
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