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06/05/07 Kielder Borderer 2007 - from various

Three reports on this race: one from the organisers, one from Dave Hicklenton and one from John Telfer (Keswick) can be found on the Kielder Fell Races website, so I'll just post a few photos here:

start - photo: Pat
31 excited runners let loose at the Kielder Borderer (photo: Pat Dunn)

Bernard at a stile - photo: Will Horsley
Woowee! this is springy heather - Bernard Kivlehan near Three Pikes (photo: Will Horsley)
Louise in the heather - photo: Rob
Louise Wilkinson knows how to deal with the mad heather on Knox Knowe (photo: Rob Stephens)
Gary on Peel Fell - photo: Pat
Gary Jones giving it some as he peels away from the top (photo: Pat Dunn)
Steve, first past the post - photo: Pat
Winner Steve Birkinshaw is first past the post (photo: Pat Dunn)

Dexter and Garry sprint - photo: Will Horsley
David Armstrong and Garry Owens, who've stuck together through thick and thin
over 17 miles of gruelling challenge, sprint for the finish (photo: Will Horsley)

... and using Will Horsley's captions on his own photos:



More photos from: Will Horsley

Rob Stephens
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