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22/04/07 Paddy's Pole - from Steph Scott

Just to let you know that some NFR runners were flying the purple flag at Paddy's Pole on Sunday. You had to look carefully as they moved soooo fast you could hardly see them!! It was an uphill road start through the gate to the fell. The initial climb up Parlick (I think!) was a free for all but those who took a right hand route seemed to fare better. The uphill struggle continued on its grassy way until everyone's legs were aching. Then came the chance to get running - if your legs were still working - on clear paths along the side of the wall. The race veered away from the wall and over a temporary stile, around Paddy's Pole heading back to the fence line across some dry (fortunately) peat. At this point the wind was blowing but the running was good along the tracks and a slight ascent onto Parlick again for the final run in and a steep downhill finish.

Karen was a fab 14th. I was 50th. Will was just out of the points in 54th. Charlie was well up the field, but not quite as high as our old pal Morgan! John Humble was also running and perhaps someone else too?!? We could do with some more ladies for our team - come on you know you want to do Duddon - don't you???

Steph Scott
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