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21/10/07 Saltergate Gallows - from Phil Green

Driving down from the north in glorious sunshine does little to prepare for the thick fog that blankets the North York Moors on this Sunday morning just gone. The turn out is good with David Parry having attracted another good turn out for his simply and well organized races. Most of the local teams are represented, with NFR having nine runners: Charlie Stead and a late appearing Will Horsley (rugby world cup final to blame), Paul Appleby, Steph Scott, Graham Wilkinson, Matt Simms, Joe Garbarino and the ever speedy Peter Reed, not forgetting myself.

A flat, quick and hard underfoot start over track was underway in thick clag. Running over the moor was well suited to the road runners who did well early on. A visit to the castle ruins (Skelton Tower) headed us back northwards towards the drop to Newtondale Halt. The short eastward leg in very dense fog led to many people plodding through thigh deep heather (including myself and Paul). This led to the pack being well shuffled!

The drop down to the Halt was okay with warnings given at the start over the wooden steps (two runners broke ankles here last year). Some good cross country through the woods going south then a long drag up to another fast track heading northwards.

The drop down back to the railway was soft and made for some good fast descending. A short run by the railway and over the tracks into an intermittent bog led us home and the final long steep drag up to the finish at David’s car. Quite a varied and interesting run, possibly more suited to the road runners than the true fell aficionados.

The finish was Charlie no 2, Will 27th, Paul, Peter, Phil, Matt, Steph, Joe, and Graham.

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Phil Green

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