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11/10/08 Alwinton Show Fell Race - from Will Horsley

From my own estimate about 70 people were in the race. Nick Swinburn won in about 16m30, half a minute or so ahead of Matt Whitfield from Bingley Harriers. A pretty good day for Nick as he picked up the prize for first local as well as first home - so make sure he gets his round in at the relays! A young 17-year old called Tim Calder (Hexham) was in third, and this came 20 minutes after he had won the junior race over the same route. Will Horsley was fourth in 18m28, John Boyle of Dark Peak was fifth, and Scott Gibson 8th. Karen Robertson was first Lady. Also present, from memory, were Terry Hart, Bernard Kivlehan, Louise Wilkinson, and the Family Robertson and I'm sure there were other NFR's running but I can't recall right now.

Foot note: On the drive home I came across Nick buckled over and sheltering in a bus shelter. When I enquired whether he was OK it turns out that whilst running the six miles home he got a stitch from eating too many chips after the race.

Will Horsley

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