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29/06/08 Glaramara - from Scott Gibson

Drove over to the Lakes today and ran the Glaramara race organised by Borrowdale. Weather was cloudy but still nice and clear on the tops.

After a brief chat from Scoffer we headed out across the fields with me just behind the leading Borrowdale lads. The first climb was steep, rocky and unrelenting and the gap grew but I held my place. The undulating ridge leading to the summit was excellent with lovely grass and a few scrambly bits and many possible routes around knolls and over bogs. I managed to keep the leaders in sight despite being at a wedding reception till midnight last night and feeling a bit ropey. A final scramble to the summit then away down bounding over the soft grass with geat views down Borrowdale to Derwentwater. I missed the locals' way down and made a few strange route choices but arrived back safely at the top of the steep bit. After much slipping, swearing and wrestling with low trees, I tried to pick up the pace for the final run in and narrowly managed to avoid being overtaken by 2 other runners.

Finished 7th in 56.42 but only after a desperate sprint. Turns out the two runners near me were settling some local rivalry and were really going for it. The reason I post this is to recommend the race to you for next year, it has so much variety, a great atmosphere and of course is amidst some of the best views around. At 5.5 mile and 2000' it's a good length to really get some speed up. Brilliant!

Scott Gibson

photos (by Darian Bridge) on Borrowdale website

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