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06/09/08 Grisedale Horseshoe - from Scott Gibson

Drove over to the Lakes on Saturday amidst the floods to do the Grisedale Horseshoe at Glenridding. Seems I left before the majority of the floods took hold but I was half expecting the race to be cancelled anyway as I drove through many deep puddles on the way.

There was a poorish turnout of 77 runners but the atmosphere was good, squashed in the village hall being told the ins and outs of the route while the rain lashed against the windows. It was here I found out that Grisedale Beck was unfordable and the route had to be extended to the footbridge over half a mile upstream making the run almost 12 miles instead of 10!

The pace was fast when we set off but the first hill up Birkhouse Moor onto the shoulder of Catstye Cam soon put everyone in their place. I found a great route off left of Swirral Edge to the summit of Helvellyn then flew along the ridge, too fast it would seem, as I drifted off down towards Wythburn instead of heading straight for Dollywaggon, this involved a mile of rough contouring to get back round to Grisedale Tarn losing precious minutes. Managed St Sunday Crag ok despite the high winds and heavy rain and found the scree gully to descend to Grisedale. The descent was a killer, 600m straight down steep grass and my legs cramped badly till the final climb back up Birkhouse Moor where they got even worse. The final descent was fast and I crossed the line in 2.43 33rd overall. If anyone knows any tips on how to avoid cramps I would really appreciate them because they really hampered my progress!

Bumped into Steve Birkinshaw at the finish although he was completely changed into dry clothing and scoffing the enormous pile of sandwiches and looking very fresh! Highly recommend the race, a great mountain route and excellent post race catering! I'll be going back next year.

See you at Simonside!

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Scott Gibson

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