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13/07/08 Holme Moss Fell Race - from Philip Sanderson

Last of the summer wine - with Compo, Clegg and Foggy

17.5 mi / 4500’ (AL)

I went to this race on an all time low: after a disastrous Great Lakes and Chevy Chase I was considering taking up carpet bowls with Phil Green! The start must be the highest cricket ground in England at Cartworth Moor on top of the Pennines (they have had only two days of play this year). Weather was warm and sunny.

Very fast start, but I managed to get myself in with the two favourites Chris Birchall (Leeds) and Dave Watson (Holmfirth). Two very fast road runners. On the way to Crowden they managed to drop me over Holme Moss and Westend Moss. I then managed to lose my line. However, for the first time, I used the thing between my ears and dropped back to the runner in fourth position. This was a stroke of luck because he was from Calder Valley and had great knowledge of the race.  The Calder Valley lad was dead canny and we shared orange juice and jelly babies. But best of all he knew the best line from the top of Bareholme Moss to the Pennine Way. You could have knocked me over with a feather, at the top of Laddow Rocks we had overtaken Chris and Dave and we were in first place. The look of shock on their faces was classic. The joy was not going to last because they managed to drop us on the way to the finish.

Anyway I came fourth out of 145 runners and first place vet. My time was 2 hrs 44 and the winner Chris Birchall was 2 hrs 37.

Lastly, I would like to thank my Aunty Brenda and Uncle Don for a great weekend.  First class accommodation, food and company. They also introduced me to the great game of Crown Green Bowls (Phil G this looks a better game than carpet bowls).

Philip Sanderson

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