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15/03/08 Really Wild Boar - from Old Cheviot

5 mi / 1400' (AS)

In the mist, the top of Wild Boar Fell can be ‘a bit on the confusing side’.  This led to numerous navigation errors and 2 ‘races’: the official race for those who made it to checkpoint 3, and the unofficial race for those who unwittingly bypassed it.

The race started from Street in overcast conditions, with the clouds hovering on the tops.  The pull up the bridleway to the ridge was tough but runnable.  Turning right on the ridge, Old Cheviot was soon reduced to a walk by the steep climb.  As he reached the summit plateau, OC was fortunate to be running with a Howgill Harrier.  Thus he was not tempted by the stray flag on the plateau (apparently from a completely different race) and kept the vital escarpment firmly on his left.  At checkpoint 3 (a series of cairns) OC met Garry Owens coming in from the opposite direction.  At the summit (checkpoint 4), Gary Jones came charging in from the south; Katherine Davis arrived from the north and promptly headed off to look for checkpoint 3. 

OC headed down the steep descent, pausing only to extract his foot from a glutinous sphagnum bog.  This was a glorious run-off, across rough ground for a mile until the bridleway was reached and the final run-in. 

Afterwards in The Fat Lamb, the confusion was sorted out.   Morgan Donnelly had won.  Garry Owens was first V50 and Joe Garbarino first V70.  Katherine Davis was second lady.  Philip Sanderson had a storming climb, but a mix-up at the top meant he had to be content with 3rd place in the unofficial race.  In the meantime Matt Simms was proudly proclaiming that he had ‘got his compass out and run on a bearing’.  Several others wished that they had done the same.  However everyone agreed that this was an excellent addition to the championship, and thanks are due to the organisers Gary & Mandy Devine.

Old Cheviot

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