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09/11/08 Guisborough Three Tops - from Will Horsley

9th November, last race in the 2008 NFR championship

A personal view from the middle:

Due to my dog-sitter not turning up to the Three Tops race today I decided to run the 8+ miles with Casper, my 13 month old Border Terrier, considering this preferable to leaving him in the car for an hour and a half. This distance would be further than he has ever travelled before in one stint. The race attracted a large crowd, I estimate about 120, and consequently registration was slow and the start delayed. The weather was colder than I had expected, windy, but thankfully dry. However conditions underfoot were abysmal with some badly carved up paths.

Casper and I set off near the back at a steady pace. Once the crowd had spread out a bit on the first ascent I let him off his lead and the two of us weaved our way through the runners to a nice position more or less on a par with Garry Owens. I could also see occasional glimpses of Scott Gibson so we had that to spur us on. We lost a bit of ground over the moor as Casper was struggling with the conditions but made some big gains on the ascent of Roseberry Topping. We held our place on the descent and on the ascent to the hanging stone we finally caught up with Scott. We carried on a bit to the final long drag back around the edge of the moor but at this point, after about 50 minutes of running, Casper began to run out of steam and so we slowed down. We made steady progress to the final checkpoint, a trig point high above Guisborough, losing quite a few places on the way. After a scramble through the heather we got to the checkpoint and began our final descent to the finish line. Fortunately Karen Robertson and friends were with us now and they guided a direct route down to get us across the line in about 80 minutes. I was happy with this as it gave me the points I needed for the club championship and Casper had completed his first fell race unscathed. He was treated to some fresh meat when we got home.

Elsewhere, I imagine that Charlie Stead and Phil Sanderson were up at the front troubling the fast guys. This being a club championship race there were plenty of NFR present, from memory: Chris Little, Kath Davis, Jane Saul, Peter Scott, Peter Reed, Richard Cavner, Terry Hart, and Peter Hayle.

Will Horsley

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