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12/09/09 Ingram Show Hill Race - from Phil Green (photos from Phil)

The centenary of the Ingram sports and hill race was being celebrated. A good field of 7 junior runners were on hand to give the older competitors a run for their money! Thomas and myself were running in NFR colours and were joined by many of the “usual suspects”. The race was blessed by the local vicar who said a prayer celebrating the centenary of the show. Then we were off.

The steep climb up the scree strewn slope had many of the younger runners worn out by half way (and the older ones too!) A marshal on a quad bike was positioned at the top of the climb to point everyone in the right direction. Having set of like a loon I slowed to wait for Tom at the top, we then set of on the well flagged descent line beside the woods from Brough Law. We were mid field at this stage, however a stitch caused Tom to stop and walk allowing the rest of the field to overtake us both. After a very short rest he set off again at top speed leaving limping old me to come in as the lantern rouge!

the juniors

Brian Robson was first male (senior) , followed by Steve Carragher and Dave Wiseman. The ladies names escape me but it was good to see new ladies running hill races. Brian was beaten in by a junior who came in first overall.

more photos from phil

Phil Green

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