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19/07/09 Kentmere Horseshoe - from John Duff

NFR was well represented at the Kentmere Horseshoe today. Running conditions were great for this 11.9 mile race (which must be the "longest" medium race in the calendar). The clouds were high and a cooling breeze kept the temperature in check. The race was won by Craig Roberts (Kendal). Phil Sanderson and Gary Jones had fantastic runs. Phil, who was close to the leader before a fall slowed him down, was 3rd and Gary 5th. I was next in for NFR, followed by Paul Appleby, Peter Reed and Allon Welsh. Joe Faulkner brought us home. The tea and cakes afterwards were delicious. We went on our way for some further training later in the day (on beer in my case). It was a grand day out.

John Duff

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