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21/03/10 Edale Skyline - from Gary Jones

photo courtesy of Ian Wragg, Penistone Footpath Runners
photo courtesy of Ian Wragg, Penistone Footpath Runners

The Edale Skyline is a classic AL fell race held every March in the Peak District. Those of you who have done it will testify how tough it is! see graph for profile (Dark Peak website)

I thought what the hell and decided to give it a go.The weather like at Brough Law was very nice with the sun shining and minimal wind. Underfoot conditions in the race were very varied from the grassy climb up Ringing Roger, a small section of road, a path of large stones and finally the bogginess and peat hags of a large section near Brown Knoll!

I started well, climbing for me very well, and ran a good first 13 miles. Miles 13-17 I went through a rough patch and after a few navigational problems (for a change!) meant I lost ground and lost 4th place. The final descent was great and I was pleased to finish in my target top 10/sub 3hrs doing 2.56.14 for 6th place. Spookily this was the exact to the second time NFR team mate Charlie Stead ran in 2008. To sum it up this is a great AL race which is very well organized and if the weather's good and lots of people are in the Peak District the support is great.

Gary Jones

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