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19/05/10 Latrigg Fell Race - from Dave Johnson

Two NFRs, Trevor Wakenshaw and Dave Johnson were among the 86 runners for this short out and back "sprint" up and down Latrigg.

The race starts with a fast flat run along the old railway track bed from Fitz Park before proceeding along Spooney Bridge Lane. I found it a struggle to keep up but once we hit the slopes of Latrigg I had made up quite a few places by the time we reached the summit. I began the descent well passing two more runners and was fairly flying down. Or at least I was until a marshall said, "Watch it, it's a bit slippery down there". These well meant words had the effect of instantaneously transforming my chamois like gait into that of a particularly timorous and arthritic 90 year old tourist. (I know this because amongst the many who passed me hereabouts there was at least one 85 year old tourist). I did recover some composure but no sooner had I worked up to something like a swift walk when I failed to negotiate a steep little drop the organiser had warned us about. Fortunately the slight state of shock this face plant engendered led to a somewhat reckless increase of speed. So I had a decent enough last half mile, although I think my lungs would have begged to differ on that score.

Trevor on the other hand looked totally composed when he finished a couple of minutes later. He'd stuck to his plan of having gentle run around. Roll on Wasdale, Borrowdale and the Two Breweries is what I say, these short sharp races just hurt far too much!

Afterwards it was down to the Theatre by the Lake to see the Joss Naylor and Kenny Stuart Show which was very entertaining. Mind you, poor Kenny could barely get a word in edgeways!

Dave Johnson

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