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27/06/10 Loughrigg Silverhow Chase - from Gary Jones

After Saturday’s (4.1/1661 ft) blast at the Sedbergh 3 Peaks in scorching heat, and as I was staying in the North West for the weekend, I decided to do the Loughrigg Silverhow Chase (8.5/2530 ft) in Ambleside the next day.

The race slightly differs from the non FRA calendar race of the same name. The route starts in the park next to Ambleside Football Club, then heads up a steep tarmac track before a rocky but runnable climb to the summit of Loughrigg (CP1). Next is an awesome descent down to a small road section before a tough ascent to the summit of Silverhow (CP2), before returning back to Loughrigg (CP3). Finally, an undulating run to Lily Tarn (CP4) then head back to the park.

As my legs weren’t too bad I took up the running, only to be joined by a Borrowdale runner. On the second climb up to Silverhow surprisingly I felt good climbing, but unsurprisingly a few navigational errors meant I made it tougher than necessary. The Borrowdale lad and I had a great battle down to the second ascent of Loughrigg but again a strong climb meant I was again in the lead. Panic set in trying to find Lily Tarn but I managed to hang on to win the race.

Maybe all said and done there were no star fell runners there but I am still over the moon to win a Lake District fell race.

Gary Jones


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