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11/08/10 Steel Fell Race - from Scott Gibson

Steel Fell evening race in the Lakes,
Drove over to do this 3 mile race up Steel Fell at the head of Thirlmere in the Lakes on Wednesday eve. Despite feeling fatigued from Tuesday's Bransdale race, I felt ok going uphill, the terrain and weather were perfect and I didn't set out too fast for once.

The running along the top was great until you see the leading runners flying past (it's an out and back race) and you realise how far off the pace you are! Touch the cairn, turn round and accelerate. The ground falls away beneath your feet as Thirlmere comes into view, it looks like you are about to run off the edge of a cliff! The descent was excellent, really steep grass and very fast, took 2 places and nearly wooped out loud at one point, great fun! Hit the narrow track at the bottom and had some energy left to speed up but I slipped on a deep bit of mud and couldn't make up another place.

17th overall and about 3 mins off the leader Jim Davies. Thought I would be flying the NFR flag alone but Howard Forrest turned up at the start, he hadn't raced in 6 years which explained why I didn't recognise him! He came in further down the field but he looked like he'd enjoyed it. Cracking little race which made me wonder why we don't have more evening races in Northumberland? The race also made me think and worry about Ben Nevis; take Steel Fell and multiply the distance and ascent by 3, add in the rocks, scree, bad weather and ....what have I done???

Results on FRA website.

Scott Gibson

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