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24/04/10 Yorkshire Three Peaks Race - from John Telfer

April 24, 2010 – 23.3 miles 5,300 feet of ascent

With NFRs spread to the four corners of the kingdom over the weekend seven NFR men made up the starting field of 705 with honours undoubtedly going to Gary Jones who finished in a superb 8th position in just over 3hr 17mins. In doing so Gary won the Jack Bloor Trophy awarded to the highest placed finisher completing the race for the first time. NFR finished 15th out of at least 40 teams (Gary, Phil Addyman, Stephen Matthews and John Telfer) with fine runs also from Peter Hayle, Peter Reed and Allon Welsh.

The weather was warm and dry throughout with a gentle but very welcome breeze up on the summits.  Whilst this may have been very much to the liking of the multitude of spectators who thronged all parts of the course it certainly added to the challenge faced by the runners. Conditions underfoot which extremely dry leading to more than one runner being struck down with the scourge of the blister.

My counter to this situation had been to stand in a stream for five minutes before the start and then do likewise at various watercourses at strategic points along the way. On the ascent of Whernside where one is bent double for about half an hour I witnessed steam rising from my shoes. Whilst I was tempted to think was due to the speed at which I had been moving previously the more likely outcome was that my feet were perspiring up on a very warm day !!

At various points along the way there were bloodied runners with the ascent and descent of Ingleborough being littered with howling cramp suffering runners, albeit prostrate on the ground by that time. For one reason or another just over a 100 of the starters failed to make it to the finish testifying to the toughness of the conditions.

The race itself was won by NFR old boy Morgan Donnelly in a time of 3hr 02mins.

Gary with the Jack Bloor Trophy - photo: John

The prize for gross stupidity went to Peter Reed and myself for running the Cheviot the following day but at least we were joined in our venture by a couple of others for whom the previous day’s Anniversary Waltz (Chris Jamieson) and Teenager With Altitude (Stewart Barrie) had proved insufficient exercise for the weekend.

John Telfer

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