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19/06/10 West Highland Way Race - (preliminary report) from Jane Grundy

95.5miles, 4095m

Beautiful weather with a cooling Northerly, clear skies, sunshine, a crack support team, even not too many midges - I was not allowed to not make it to Fort William! Happy to say I did so in 23hrs 7mins and was delighted - 44th overall and I think 7th lady. It was a truly amazing day and the Highlands were at their best. Thanks to Lewis and Joe Faulkner for being the best - looking after me in every possible way including some very brave blister surgery at 72 miles! Couldn't have done it without them.
Full results should be on www.westhighlandwayrace.org shortly, and my full story will follow, but for now I enclose a photo of the devil's staircase (about 75miles) as the early evening light was stunning in Glencoe.


updated: full report from Jane here (pdf)

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