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06/06/10 Yetholm Hill Race - from Gary Jones

The Yetholm Hill race route is a favourite training route of mine as myself and good friend and NFR member Steve Matthews train on it a fair bit so on arrival at the start looking up to the hills and seeing deep mist I thought "advantage Gaz". NFR was represented by John Duff, John Dallinson, Scott Gibson, Katherine Davis, Glen Mcwilliams and myself. Right from the off I decide to do a "Phil Sanderson" and shot off. On the tops the visibility was very poor but I felt confident enough. As always the climb up the Curr went on for ever but on top the hardest part of the race was over. Heading onto the Pennine Way I spotted the gate you go through but for some reason I doubted whether I should or not. I decide to wait for a good 2-3 mins for the runners behind to confirm the route then took off again. The last climb I began to feel the tiredness of the previous day's 3k steeplechase but I managed to descend quickly to the finish to win the race. John Duff was next NFR in and had a fall on the last descent but escaped relatively unhurt. Among the other NFR members I caught up with John Dallinson and Katherine seemed to enjoy the race and Scott got a bit lost and made me laugh when he told me he had startled some cows who then began chasing him!. Thankfully everyone arrived back to the finish safely.

Gary Jones

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