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13/11/11 Copeland Chase - from Will Horsley

Coped and Chastised, again

Apologies for the awful pun in the title - this report is about the Copeland Chase. The event is a long orienteering event, I am told similar to a single days' worth of a mountain marathon without the need to carry a tent etc. I did this event in different colours (Uni Durham Orienteering Club) and took a car-full over to Ennerdale early this morning including newly crowned OMM winner, Duncan Archer (DFR and CLOK). Also with me were my friend Tom (Elvet and DFR) and two students. The event was held over the same patch as the 2009 FRA relays for those who remember that, with one crucial difference: unseasonably warm weather. I foolishly decided to take on the long course again, nominally about 20km but could be much more depending on how good your navigation is. I made the usual round of cock-ups but also pleasantly surprised myself with a few moments of good navigation and route choice. It was such a clear day that a lot of the navigation could be done on sight alone (or maybe that is where I was going wrong?). I was tiring towards the end which is not surprising as I had been trudging around for over three hours on rough terrain. I improved on last year but was still way down the small field. It was clear at the start that the real battle would be between Duncan and Steve Birkinshaw with the latter prevailing for the fifth year in succession. Tom took on the medium course and came in under three hours for a mid-table placing, seconds ahead of UDOC president Clare. Yasha struggled on the long course with this being his comeback from injury but achieved what he set out to do which was only to finish. There was a good number of DFR members there including some well placed on the long course. I also notice Frank Shillitoe in the results list (NFR and NaTO). I imagine that this event would suit a number of NFR members especially those with a penchant for mountain marathons which are popular with many of the club. The event location changes each year so look out for 2012. Some pics here and full results aleady on the event website

Will Horsley

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