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09/10/11 Langdale Horseshoe - from Dave Johnson

5 NFRS ventured over to a wet Lake District for this year's Langdale Horseshoe race. The clag was down and it was very muddy and slippery underfoot but at least the rain stayed off for most of the race.

Attendees were Phil Sanderson, Dave Johnson, Andrew Russell, Trevor Wakenshaw and David Gunning with the latter first home in 101st place. Johnson and Sanderson were found guilty of navigational errors but I'm not revealing who made the biggest cock up, because I think you can work it out for yourselves from the finishing positions! I will say that when Phil caught me up just after I'd gone over on an ankle near Pike O' Blisco, I was so surprised I nearly fell over again! Anyway Phil I enjoyed the company on what was a very sedate last mile and a bit! The lovely hot cheese pasty at the end made it all worthwhile, almost.

Dave Johnson

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