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17/09/11 Simonside Fell Race - from Phil Green

Thanks to the many NFRs and friends who enjoyed the sunshine at this year's race.

70 runners took part and many chose to tackle the Coquet in fairly fast flow, some runners nearly ending up in Amble in doing so. The race route was adjusted up the tourist path to prevent erosion and down the normal route, however Lawrence on the summit saw runners approaching from every direction!

I had managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons by allowing people to return via the outward leg as long as they visited the summit. This was meant for people who might get lost on the return leg, however it was taken literally by a couple of runners. This is in no way a comment against them as they had been given free rein to do so by me, rather me accepting that I should have been more prescriptive in the route. I have learnt for next year...

I had suggested that the bridge would be the best route on the return, did the majority follow this advice? No they went through the Coquet. Adam Fletcher even ended up having to ford the Wreigh Burn as well after getting washed by the current below the confluence.

So fun and games.

Several runners were attempting the double of Simonside and the GNR, this would be the undoing of two at least due to sprains and pulled muscles.

Team Green were bolstered by Sally and Allon Welsh, who organised the bridge, Terry Hart, who managed the road crossing below Tosson and Lawrence Johnson who was king of Simonside top.

Phil Green (organiser)

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