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15/08/12 Guisborough Grunt - from Will Horsley (photos by Dave Aspin)

I thought it was about time I properly dusted off my old fell running shoes and gave them a good blast so I did the Guisborough Grunt race on Wednesday night, one of Dave Parry's North Yorks races. The weather finally broke about 15 mins before race start and water was cascading down the hills from Guisborough woods and bouncing off surfaces. But it didn't last long and didn't rain during the race, in fact it remained warm throughout. Perhaps it was the weather or the holiday season but numbers seemed a bit low compared to other North Yorks fell races, maybe 70 or so runners, but still quality at the sharp end. I did this race a couple of years ago and found it to be bloody hard work, but the route had been trimmed a little this year to make it come under the 10k mark and therefore suitable for juniors. Not sure we had many juniors last night but I wasn't too upset about a shortened course. The route is on pretty good tracks all the way and well marked although I still managed a couple of minor route discrepancies - one in my favour and one against so they probably balanced out! I was getting chased down by the leading female, who was 5th overall, and therefore, due to macho pride, I ended up running a bit harder than I had really expected or wished to.

The descent at the end was made a little more deadly with the earlier downpour but I still had time to pull a few Mo-bot moves for the photographers on the way back and was very pleased, and a little surprised, with 4th overall. It later turns out that a few lads went wrong somewhere - I didn't feel too guilty about profiting from other's navigational errors as I am more often the culprit than victor in such matters. I was even able to have a (cold) shower in the rugby club afterwards. Great fun and hopefully a return to some proper racing for me.

Will Horsley

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