> Results: Windy Gyle Fell Race 2002

30th June 2002 - 9m/1800' (BM)

Position Race No. Name Club M/F
Time Category
01 958 Ian Mulvey NFR SM 1.03.44 1st Senior Man (SM)
02 949 David Armstrong NFR M40 1.04.02 1st MV40
03 956 Jeff Ross NFR SM 1.04.10 2nd SM
04 973 David Mason UA SM 1.06.40 3rd SM
05 962 John Duff NFR SM 1.11.02  
06 972 Mark Nowell UA SM 1.11.12  
07 959 Bev Blakeman Sunderland HAC SF 1.12.12 1st = SF
08 974 Karen Robertson NFR SF 1.12.12 1st = SF
09 966 Marcus Byron Tynedale SM 1.12.35  
10 954 John Humble NFR M50 1.13.00 1st MV50
11 961 Terence Mullen UA M40 1.13.07 2nd MV40
12 977 Andy Curtis NFR M40 1.13.11 3rd MV40
13 965 Les Turnbull Norham M40 1.13.26  
14 963 Peter Moralee UA M50 1.14.44 2nd M50
15 964 Craig Rutherford Norham SM 1.15.05  
16 971 John Christie NFR M40 1.16.10  
17 975 Roy Dawson NFR M50 1.17.45 3rd V50
18 948 Simon Banks NFR M40 1.18.20  
19 970 Terry Hart NFR M50 1.18.25  
20 960 Ian Holland N/Shields Poly M50 1.19.29  
21 955 Ray Gray NFR M50 1.19.53  
22 957 George Adamson N/Shields Poly M50 1.20.02  
23 976 Glen McWilliams NFR M40 1.21.44  
24 969 Ken Turnbull NFR M50 1.23.16  
25 967 Joe Potts NFR M50 1.26.14  
26 947 Neil Dyson Mandale M50 1.26.27  
27 968 Pat Cooper NFR FV40 1.28.50 1st FV40
28 953 Sally Welsh Morpeth Harriers SF 1.33.42 3rd SF
29 952 Allon Welsh NFR SM 1.33.42  
30 951 Ruth Fletcher NFR FV50 1.46.25 1st FV50
31 950 Pam Armstrong NFR FV40 1.46.28  


Race Organiser's Comments

Let's start with the good news.

Not a bad turnout considering the number of races at this time of year.

It’s a good course and everyone seemed to enjoy the route. The weather, whilst not good, could have been a lot worse. Ian Mulvey, David Armstromg, Jeff Ross and David Mason had a close race although Dexter says he could not catch Ian and David Mason, who had been lying second, turned his ankle on the final run down The Street.

Karen Robertson and Bev Blakeman came in together in 7th place, only nine and a half minutes behind the leading man, to tie in the ladies race. It was Bev’s first fell race. Congratulations to Pam Armstrong who also completed her first fell race.

Sorry about the route marking. Minimalist was an optimistic turn of phrase. Jimmy Tomlin’s car overheated on the way up the Uswayford track. He was pushed for time to get to the summit of Windy Gyle and that’s why some people found no marshal to greet them on their arrival at the summit cairn.

It is tricky to find the summit and I will give some more thought as to how to best mark next year's race.

Thanks to Tony and Helen who did registration and finish, to Jeff and Sam for the results and to Ray, Jimmy and Brian for marshalling.

Keith Cooper,
30th June 2002

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