> Results: Windy Gyle 2005

26 June 2005 - 9m/1800' (BM)

Category position Overall position Name Category S/M/L
Club Time
1st SM 1 Tim Edwards SM Clayton 01:02:35
1st MV40 2 James Dickinson MV40 Tynedale 01:05:25
2nd MV40 3 David Steele MV40 Morpeth 01:06:52
2nd SM 4 Steve Birkinshaw SM NFR 01:09:34
3rd MV40 5 Gary Owens MV40 NFR 01:10:28
4th MV40 6 Tim McCall MV40 Norham 01:10:44
1st SL 7 Veronique Oldham SL Norham 01:10:58
3rd SM 8 Brian Robson SM UA 01:12:04
5th MV40 9 Stuart Page MV40 Tynedale 01:13:00
6th MV40 10 Clive Short MV40 Tynedale  
1st MV50 11 John Humble MV50 NFR 01:14:33
2nd MV50 12 Jim Knox MV50 Teviotdale 01:14:59
6th MV40 13 Terrence Mullen MV40 U/A 01:16:10
  14 Nigel Thomas SM Helm Hill Runners 01:17:56
  15 Kevin Bray MV40 Morpeth 01:19:41
3rd MV50 16 George Adamson MV50 North Shields Poly 01:20:45
  17 Paul Appleby MV40 NFR 01:20:53
  18 Wilf Hutchinson MV50 Concordia 01:20:57
  19 Glen McWilliams MV40 NFR 01:21:38
  20 Les Stephenson MV50 U/A 01:22:14
  21 Paul Jameson MV50 NFR 01:22:20
  22 Jeff Thompson MV40 U/A 01:22:58
  23 Peter Whewell MV50 NYM 01:32:49
  24 Mark O’Brien MV50 Low Fell 01:28:30
  25 Ken Rawlinson MV60 NFR 01:29:17
1st LV40 26 Colleen Todd LV40 U/A 01:32:49
  27 Peter Reed MV50 NFR 01:32:49
  28 Linda Bray LV40 Morpeth 01:32:10
2nd LV40 29 Lindsay Knox LV40 Teviotdale 01:35:10
  30 John Dallinson MV50 NFR 01:36:41
3rd LV40 31 Andrea Mitchell LV40 Morpeth 01:37:06
  32 John Nergaard MV50 North Shields Poly 01:37:31
  33 Frances Warnell LV40 Hearn Harriers 01:39:49
1st LV50 34 Pat Cooper LV50 NFR 01:41:18
  35 Debbie Reay SL Morpeth 01:44:01
  36 Billy Jamieson MV50 Morpeth 01:44:01
  37 Claire Johnston LV40 UA 01:46:26
1st LV60 38 Kath Dallinson LV60 NFR 01:46:48

Thirty eight runners took part in the fifth running of the Windy Gyle fell race. It was a glorious morning in upper Coquetdale as the runners set off through the hay meadows at Barrow Burn for the climb over grassy tracks to the summit of one of the highest hills in the Cheviots. Unusually the sun continued to shine for the whole race for a second year, possibly due to David Steel's presence. Tim Edwards, a visiting Clayton Le Moors athlete, won the event convincingly in a time of 1:02:35. Although almost two minutes slower than Joe Blackett's record time of 1:00:40 set in 2004, Tim's time was five seconds inside the previous record time. Second man home and first vet 40 was James Dickinson (Tynedale) in 1:05:25. He was followed by Morpeth Harrier David Steel in 1:06:52. First Lady Veronique Oldham put in a fine performance to finish seventh overall in a time of 1:10:58. This was only fourteen seconds outside Karen Robertson's record set last year. John Humble, in his first victory since his return to running following a period of illness, was first Vet 50 in eleventh place in a time of 1:14:33. He was followed by Jim Knox (Teviotdale) 1:14:59. Although close behind John, Jim said he was never in any danger of catching him. Only two Vet sixties entered the race. Ken Rawlinson finished twenty fifth in 1:29:17. Kath Dallinson finished thirty eighth in 1:46:48, but this was only because she slowed down to admire the view on the final descent to the valley. Everyone was very complementary about the course which must be one of the most runnable hill routes in Northumberland. The support from the North of Tyne Search and Rescue Team was once again most welcome. Their marshalling and communications from distant corners of the course to the start which is in a dead area is essential to the safe running of the event. Contributions from competitors raised thirty eight pounds for the team. They even saw a little action when they were called out to assist a mountain biker who had an accident lower down the valley. Thanks also to those who helped at the start and to Ian Tait of Barrowburn for the use of his sheep pens.

Keith Cooper,
Race Organiser

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