> Results: Alwinton Fell Races 2006 - long course & juniors

10th June 2006

long course - 14m / 2500'

Position Race No. Name Club M/L
Time Category
    01 162 Jeffrey Ross DFR MV40 1.44.45 1st SM Team 1
    02 166 Phil Vincent Tynedale SM 1.47.46 2nd SM
    03 164 Paul Kelly DFR MV40 1.51.34 3rd SM
    04 170 Colin Valentine Keswick AC MV40 1.53.14 1st MV40 Team 1
    05 185 Garry Owens NFR MV40 1.53.45 2nd MV40 Team 1
    06 167 Rachel Vincent Tynedale SL 1.54.14 1st SL
    07 179 Mike Jeffrey NFR MV40 1.55.49 3rd MV40
    08 169 John Duff NFR SM 1.57.12  
    09 177 Michael Henry Alnwick MV50 2.00.19 1st MV50
    10 165 Alison Raw DFR LV40 2.00.51 2nd SL
    11 171 John Humble NFR MV50 2.03.19 2nd MV50
    12 176 Terrence Mullen UA MV40 2.05.26  
    13 163 Karen Robertson NFR SL 2.05.27 3rd SL
    14 168 Robert Stephens NFR MV40 2.05.29  
    15 183 John Dallinson NFR MV50 2.07.44 3rd MV50
    16 158 Brian Robson UA SM 2.13.59  
    17 173 Ken Rawlinson NFR MV60 2.21.27 1st MV 60
    18 175 Paul Creighton NFR MV40 2.23.30  
    19 184 Clive Richardson Alnwick MV50 2.23.41  
    20 159 Ian Holland MRT MV50 2.26.28  
    21 174 Fred Wood Sunderland MV40 2.26.37  
    22 178 Sally Welsh NFR LV40 2,28.47 1st  LV40
    23 172 John Nergaard NSP MV50 2.35.40  
    24 160 Angela Silmon MRT SL 2.44.45  
    25 161 Mark Silmon MRT SM 2.45.21  
    26 181 Andrea Mitchell Morpeth LV40 2.54.18  
    27 186 Pat Cooper NFR LV50 3.12.38 1st LV50
    28 182 Kath Dallinson NFR LV60 3.12.39 1st LV60
    29 180 James Wilkinson NFR MV60 2.08.11 2nd MV60

Junior Course: 3.0km, 155m of ascent

1. 45 Ben Jeffrey Morpeth JM13 19.04  
2. 43 Ellen Welsh Morpeth JF12 20.08  
3. 44 Polly Jeffrey Morpeth JM11 27.11  

Organiser's Comments

It proved to be a hot day with cloudless blue skies. Even so numbers were well down on previous years. The Blaydon race the evening before and England’s World Cup match no doubt accounted for some but the fact the race was not a championship race this year also did not help. Then there is injury and an increasing age profile. Anyway it all made the organisation on the day a little less frenetic. Jeff Ross (NFR), in training for a Bob Graham attempt won in a time of 1.44.45, two minutes faster than Phil Vincent (Tynedale). Jeff had been pressed by Phil most of the way but pulled away in the final stages. Last year’s winner Paul Kelly (DFR) was third some ten minutes slower than last year. Overall times were slower than previous years but Rachel Vincent was 6th home and 1st Lady in 1.54.14 ten minutes faster than last year and twenty six places higher in the field. Alison Raw (DFR) tenth overall was the second lady to finish. Alison was the only casualty of the day. She had taken a tumble on Bloody Bush after a collision with a walker. The North of Tyne SRT did a great job again in marshalling the check points and providing extra drinks stations. I talked to the team leader and there is no doubt the recent GNR inquest figured highly in our approach to the race and the walk. It’s some thing you race organisers out there may want to consider if you haven’t already done so. Well done to the three juniors who ran and finished in reverse chronological order. I would also like to thank the numerous helpers on the day some of whom had to miss the football. I would also like to thank Gareth and Jane Latcham for the use of the Rose and Thistle. Hope to see you all at the Windy Gyle FR on Sunday 25th June 10.30 start. Remember to allow an extra twenty minutes for travel up the valley after Alwinton, more if you need a toilet stop at Alwinton.

Keith Cooper

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