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Wooler Festive 5k Fun Run and Walk
18th December 2011

When Jack and I went out in the snow to mark the route yesterday, it was bleak, grey with a freezing wind and the threat of more snow. The access road to the golf club was pretty treacherous with compacted snow frozen solid. We had a family discussion and decided to go ahead with the fun run, mainly because we couldn’t face the prospect of eating mince pies and drinking pints of mulled wine for the next two weeks. Fortunately we had brilliant sunshine and blue skies today, 38 walkers and runners braved the ascent to the golf club, and enjoyed the glorious views on the route. There were some excellent performances considering the conditions underfoot. Ages ranged from 5 to 77 years, including two jolly Santas. All enjoyed their mulled punch and mince pies whilst Jack gave out the prizes. Really good fun, much better than Christmas shopping!!

Name Time
Isaac Moss 15 yrs 22:41
Tim McCall  51 years old 23:07
Bill Pikett 23:37
Daniel Lend 15 yrs 24:21
Les Turnbull 24:32
Bernard Kivlehan 26:12
Glen McWilliams 26:23
Rob Stankiewitz 27:07
Karl Wait 28:14
Nick Johnson 29:13
Eric Power 29:22
Cameron Humphries 11 yrs 29:54
Carrie Armstrong 30:36
Reuben Moss  12 yrs today! 32:00
Rebecca Moss 32:01
Henrietta Bolton-Carter 34:18
Conrad Wright  11 yrs 34:57
Ben Murray-John 8 yrs 41:03
John Humphries 41:48
Duncan Young  13 yrs 43:11
Rob Murray John 43:27
Max Murray John  5 yrs 43:36
Kenny Young 43:37
Alison Wright 43:37
Bethany Spencer  10 yrs 46:10
Geoff Brown 46:12
Nick Baxter 51:22
Richard Baxter 51:25
Rachael Suh 51:27
Jill Baxter 60:36
Sally Carol 60:38
Pam Brown 66:29
Julia Hume 66:41
Tom Hume 66:43
Pat Robertson 67:18
Mrs Thompson 67:37
Jimmy Porteous 68:14
Eric Smith 68:17

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Claire Bagness

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