> Race Results: Kielder Blast English Championship Race 2012

Kielder Blast Final Results

"Please report any errors or omissions to Will Horsley (wjvh@btinternet.com). Note that age categories are based on day of race and not year of championship so some age categories may vary for championship purposes. I apologise for the rather meagre prize list but with a low entry price my small budget went mostly on the electronic timing and I had to make do with donations for the prize list (thanks to Pete Bland Sports, Inov8 and Trailguides.com for donating prizes and sponsoring the race). Official report to follow. Many thanks to all marshals, helpers, runners, supporters and the Forestry Commission." - Will

(results updated 21:15 01/10/12)

Women's Race (pdf) | Men's Race (pdf)


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