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Dear NFRs

Quite a few years ago, John Humble, the man behind the formation of Northumberland Fell Runners, started putting together some of his memories of those early days of NFR, how the club was formed, the NFR Championship races, some of his own racing achievements and personal memories together with a selection of profiles of runners and friends. These form a set of works which will, after a little more sorting, be available on the NFR website. They will be of greatest interest to those who were part of the fell running scene in those days, but I have to say, as a relative newcomer to NFR, I have found it all fascinating and it fills quite a void of knowledge of those earlier days of the club and fell running in Northumberland.

One part of this is 'My Kielder Experience - An Account of The Kielder Fell Races from 1986 to 2005'. As well as covering the history of the races, it is also quite a tribute to some of those behind the earlier Kielder Races: Mike Sanderson, Bill Burlton and Simon Banks. Bear in mind that it was mostly written in 2005 and hasn't been updated save for a brief foreword at the start.

One of the things that inspired John to write 'My Kielder Experience' was his love of Kielder, the races and the atmosphere at those races. So now, when it seems that the Kielder Blast might be the last Kielder Fell race for some time, this couldn't be a more fitting time to publish it.

So if you thought you knew the Kielder Races ... prepare to be Humbled!

'My Kielder Experience - An Account of The Kielder Fell Races from 1986 to 2005' - John Humble
(pdf, approx 11Mb)



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