Three Shires Race

Report from Mark Clarkson:

2013 Three Shires Race

21st September. AL 20km/1220m (12.4m/4003ft)

There were three representatives from NFR at this Lakeland race – Myself, Dexter, and Paul Appleby. I ran this race last year on a clear day with blue skies and thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the sting in the tail). This year’s race was much more of a claggy affair. Drizzle and low cloud meant visibility was limited. 211 runners or so set off from the Three Shire Inn. The main navigational stumbling block seemed to be in coming off ‘Wet Side Edge’ after Great and Little Carrs down to the Three Shire stone CP. I came off the top too early and had a 300m run uphill on the road to the check point. Many others went too far the other side and came back up the road from that side. Most seemed to lose time here. The line up Blisco was sketchy but as direct as possible. I had just turned to head down when I passed Dexter on the way to the check point close behind. About 5 mins later I found myself catching him up after a slight detour coming off Blisco. We then ran the remainder of the course pretty much together, it certainly helped on the push up Lingmoor (the sting in the tail), before Dexter bolted on the way down and charged past a few runners in front. I promptly followed and we raced a few fellow competitors on the decent. We finished in 34th and 36th in 2hrs 29. A decent effort and good day out. A cheese pasty and a cake helped top the run off, before the long walk back to the car!

results here

 Mark Clarkson

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