Simonsides Recce


photo: John

NFR was out in the Simonsides on Sunday.  I headed up with Paul Hainsworth and my friend Chris for a recce of the Simonside Cairns route.  On the way up, we passed Scott Gibson who had been out for a very early trot around the route.  At Lordenshaws we bumped into John Tollitt and his pal Jonathan from Tyne Bridge.  They soon overtook us by Spylaw, before heading into the forest for some trail running.  They later ran passed us again by Beacon Hill.

The weather was superb, with a temperature inversion on full display from Simonside.  The Coquet Valley was shrouded in mist, which set off the distant Cheviots beautifully.  Conditions underfoot were also superb for getting in training for the race ie mud and clarts galore.  Let’s hope the weather is just as kind for the final race in the NFR championships.

Here are a few more photos for those wanting to do a “virtual” recce of the route.

John Duff

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