FRA Races: COVID-19

From John Telfer: “I received the following notice from the FRA last night regarding the cessation of all FRA races for the foreseeable future. I shall keep you all informed about any further updates in the coming weeks and months.”

FRA response to Government statement on COVID-19

Yesterday the FRA published a statement on our position regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The essence of this statement was that we would adhere to Government policy and that FRA races could continue until advised otherwise.

Sadly, the Government has this evening announced a new set of much stronger, far-reaching measures.. These include advice that all non-essential travel and social interaction should cease, for a period of time to be determined but probably several weeks at a minimum.

As Government policy has changed, so must the FRA’s. We must therefore now advise all FRA Race Organisers to cancel or postpone their races for the foreseeable future.

Since our statement of yesterday we have received a great deal of private correspondence. We are extremely grateful to the many people that have written to express their support but we are sure everyone will appreciate that there is now no choice but to suspend racing.

There is no change in the FRA’s overall policy as outlined in yesterday’s statement, which is that we will align with Government advice as and when it is updated. We will continue to avoid unilateral actions which could be unhelpful to the Government’s strategy for combating the disease.

Decisions will need to be taken on race series such as the English Championships and “50 @ 50” series. We will make further announcements on these in due course.