Wasdale report

Wasdale 2023 – Rob Salter

“Wordsworth once said that every fellrunner should do Wasdale at least once, or something like that!” (so says the Harvey map).

I’d originally planned to do Wasdale as a main race this year having first run it back in 2014. A couple of minor niggles hadn’t stopped me from running but knocked out several long runs so I’d already come to the conclusion that I was going to skip the race because of a lack of specific training. Having helped on a leg 3 BG in May then run Great Lakes and Buttermere ‘short’ I’d given it some thought about using it as a hard training run even though that sounded a bit disrespectful. I sought the opinion of a few and decided I could probably do this if I went sensibly and avoided any temptation to race it. It was Adam (Malloy) who was also entered who also made the point that with Borrowdale planned, a place at the campsite booked it made sense to give it a go. I also fancied doing it just to experience the route again. Continue reading