North Shields Poly Ingram Hills Race

North Shields Poly Ingram Hills Race, 15th September.

“This is our Club’s very first fell race. We express our thanks to the local farming community for their co-operation in permitting access. We are also grateful to the village hall at Ingram which will be race HQ. Some after race refreshments will be supplied by the local cafe in the hall. I hope that your members may be able to make it.
Let me know if you have any specific queries and I’ll try to deal with them.
Any final details will be posted nearer the time on the NSP web site and a dedicated facebook page. Thank you for your support.
Brgds  Barry Young

Full details, including map, on the NSP website: also facebook page here

Chevy Chase: report

Report from race winner Lee Roe:

Chevy Chase 2019

6th July marked the 63rd Chevy Chase and my second attempt at this iconic event. My earliest memory of the Chevy goes back just over a decade when, during a Heaton Harrier’s Rising Sun hill session, Phil Green mentioned the event to me as something that I might do well at. It would take a long time for his prophecy to come to fruition. Continue reading

Great Lakes Fell Race: report

Another report from Gary Mason:

Great Lakes Fell Race 15th June 2019

Another early start for a trip across to the Lakes and a return to Langdale for the Great Lakes Race beckoned. Having signed up for this one a while ago on a bit of a whim without reading much about it other than it was thirteen mile and a lot of climbing I hadn’t given it any further thought due to focusing on the Ennerdale race the weekend before. As it was fast approaching I thought I had better check out the Ambleside website and find some further details. A description that included what a monster, a rough tough classic and a record time longer than Borrowdale set the alarm bells ringing. The fact it was at Langdale the scene of my only ever DNF due to timing out last year at the Langdale Fell Race in the torrential rain and getting pushed out of the flooded field afterwards didn’t instil much confidence. Continue reading

Ennerdale Fell Race: report

Report from Gary Mason:

Ennerdale Fell Race 8th June 2019

I woke up early Saturday morning and could hear the rain outside, I had hoped the weather forecasters may have got it wrong and it may have been a dry day but obviously not. After pausing for a bit thinking about if I really want to head off for the long drive and then long hard run around the surrounding hills of Ennerdale lake, I got up. Continue reading

Marathon Du Mont Blanc

John Telfer has this weekend completed the 90k du mont blanc with 20,500ft ascent in 21h 45m. The race was run in desperately hot conditions and there were lots of retirements. John was unable to eat for the last 10 hours but somehow got to the finish showing incredible NFR grit and determination.” – Paul