The Billy Bland Challenge 13th June

Here is a message from NFR James Charlton who is organising an NFR attempt at The Billy Bland Challenge:

Billy Bland Challenge 13th June 2015 

Hi all,

Some of you may have already seen on Facebook, following Phil Green bringing the Billy Bland challenge to my awareness, I fancy a bash!

I’ve now spoken with the NFR officials and we have the full support of the club to have an attempt on behalf of NFR. Clearly there are no limits in the number of teams, but I’ll be concentrating on getting one team round, in one piece, with smiles! 

The challenge will be a great opportunity for those who want to learn some of the BG legs, have a reason to get down to the lakes more, or just to have a crack at a team event.

I’ve had good interest and I’m confident we’ll get a full team together.  We’ll need 10 runners (2 for each of the 5 legs) and some spares! We’ll also need support or just any hangers-on who want to come and join in the fun and offer a cheer from a summit or hot cup of tea at an unexpected location.

My aim for the team I’ll put together will be to have fun, be safe and get round, all will be achieved!

You’ll find out more about the challenge at

The plan is flexible but some parts are fixed to ensure the attempt takes place.

We will make our attempt on the 13th June 2015 and base the main camp at . The camp site is fine with a good café and heated shower blocks. I’ve used it on BGR runs before and it seems to work well. I’ll be putting up a ‘mess tent’ and will make sure no one goes hungry or gets away without hearing one of my many terrible jokes!

I have also been able to blag a free tracker phone from the very kind We will be provided with a Blackberry or something similar and a link to a live web page. The phone will be used as our baton and any friends and family or interested parties will be able to follow the link provided and watch the team’s progress in real time.

I have kept a record of who have expressed interest and in order of response. I’ll use this ensure those who are most enthusiastic get a chance to run.

I hope this appeals to a few of you. Please get in touch and be part of this great team event.

Kind regards

James Charlton




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